Power Electronics Driven Machines (PEDM) develops innovative rare-earth magnet-less synchronous motors to solve environmental impact, long term sustainability, cost, and safety issues associated with permanent magnet motors in EV applications. 

Rare-earth magnets are the strongest type of magnets used in EV applications to satisfy their power density demands. However, these rare-earth materials are hard to source ethically and have a significant environmental impact. Using permanent magnet motors can also have serious functional safety implications at high speeds.

To address shortcomings of rare-earth permanent magnet motors in EV applications and contributing to a net-zero carbon automotive product we have designed a completely novel rare-earth magnet-less synchronous motor, which can be controlled using any “off-the-shelf” 3-phase inverter. Our new motor does not require any external circuitry for controlling the field current. Utilising our new motor offers a more secure, reliable, and environmentally sustainable supply chain. It reduces overall system cost and makes it easier to support Automotive Safety Integrity Level D

For more information please email us at: info@pedm.uk